Our Programs


Our Programs

Monthly Meetings

“Little Sistahs” meet once a month to discuss a pre-determined book selection that has an African- American girl or woman as the main character. Members are grouped by grade level as follows: Little, Little Sistahs - 1st-2nd, Little Sistahs - 3rd-5th, and Big Sistahs - 6th-8th, and Sistahs with Purpose (Nia) - 9th-10th grade. In an effort to promote strong leadership skills, each member has an opportunity to host a meeting, create the questions, and facilitate the book discussion. In addition to discussing the book, guest speakers, videos, and other activities may be utilized to bring the book to “life”.

Cultural/Social Outings

“Little Sistahs” will periodically go on cultural/social outings together. This may include plays, museum exhibits, parades, festivals, and other events that will encourage “Little Sistahs” to embrace their rich culture and heritage, and promote the bonds of sisterhood.


“Little Sistahs” will be provided the opportunity to mentor younger members at organizational events/outings, and by serving as book discussion leaders. There will also be opportunities for the “Little Sistahs” to be mentored by African-American women from the community.

Community Service Projects

Little Sistahs will have the opportunity to “give back” to their local communities by participating in community service projects. One of these projects is LSK’s Annual Book Drive where Little Sistahs collect new and gently used books to place in the hands of children and their families in their local communities to promote literacy. Little Sistahs will experience the joy and value of touching the lives of others.

Annual Events

Little Sistahs in the Know has four annual events to celebrate culture, history, family, and the founding of the organization: (1) Kwanzaa, (2) African-American Women’s History Program, (3) Juneteenth, and (4) Founder’s Day Celebration. “Little Sistahs,” as well as family, friends, and neighbors, will come together for these community building events.